Monday night couples deal

Share a bread or dips
2 glasses house red, white, bubbles,
or any soft drink or beer
Any 2 small pizza or pasta
Any 2 desserts
Any 2 basic coffees, teas or hot choc
Just grab your other half (or someone else’s other half) and sneak away for the night ok?

(Bloody fine print (there’s always one that just wants to push the limit isn’t there?) Upgrade to a larger size of anything and just pay the difference. Fair go applies: it can’t be split between extra people: get over it, it’s a great deal. Applies to eating in the restaurant only. The largest table size we’ll do this for is a table of four people, that is 2 couples. It’s ok to take the desserts home if you want to, and no, you don’t actually have to prove that you are a couple, we’ll just take your word for it.)